Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Rock/North Little Rock

Early Sunday morning, a friend and I went to shoot a charming neighborhood in North Little Rock. It's called the Argenta District, and it is delightful. I plan to return as soon as I get my big-girl camera. (I giggled when I learned that my cousin Casey used that phrase. I have said that for a while now and wasn't surprised when I read her use it too.)

We got to the neighborhood around 6:30. The Sun was still on the rise and the clouds were perfect.

The Argenta Drug Company. It makes me smile.

The Starving Artist Cafe (just as the sign reads).

A typical sidewalk. That morning there was a city worker driving around in a little cart 
with a huge water tank.
She was watering all the hanging plants.
The baskets are all over the area, so she had a big job.

See! I told you. Perfect clouds.

Next we moved to the river (the Arkansas River of course). There is a great walking/bike trail along the river. There is also plenty of seating along the trail, in case you want to watch the barges go by.

 This is the bridge that leads to the River Market (just behind the amphitheater with the blue tent) on the Little Rock side. There was a healthy breeze blowing that  kept us cool. God was all over us!

We crossed over the river and went downtown to Capitol Avenue. 
The clouds were even fabulous on the buildings.

 And we ended at the Capitol.

 It was a fun morning. We took pictures for about an hour and a half then headed home to get ready to go to church. It was a delicious day!


Ed Diaz said...

Good pictures, I like the black & white a lot!

Jennifer said...

The Argenta District was one of the places on my list when we were in LR this spring, but we didn't get that far. I'm looking forward to getting there another time.

Great to see things through your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, T!


t marie said...

Thank you. You guys are sweet and encouraging.

Kecia said...

How fun! And great pictures--I have noticed how gorgeous the clouds are lately. Did you notice the Yarnell's sign? :(

t marie said...

Kecia, I almost wrote that I wonder if the drug store will continue to turn on the Yarnell's sign. ):

Kellie said...

You have such a great eye and appreciation for the wonders God puts in our lives. I especially love the shot of the sun shining through the clouds.

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