Thursday, July 28, 2011

Honorable Mention

This sweet girl got an honorable mention in a photo contest. She placed in the top 20 (not counting the three winners). I am so pleased with that result, especially since there were thousands of entries. I'm also excited because it was taken with a 5 mp, point and shoot camera! It is from 2008.

This beautiful child was a seven year old from Tibukon, Haiti. She attended the New Mission school on the top of the mountain in Tibukon.


Jennifer said...

I've been going back through your blog entries from 2008 (because this photo sparked an interest to go back to your Haiti Journal posts...), and marveling again at your amazing creativity with a camera. I can not WAIT for you to get your "big girl camera"...because the way you rock the little guys, you are going to seriously blow us away with the big one! I love seeing the world through your lens. I love YOU. And yes, you need to blog more. Like every day more. Or twice a day. Because I said so.


t marie said...

Oh wow. I love you. Your encouragement is so special to me. Thank you. And I'll work on blogging more.

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