Wednesday, January 4, 2012

70 NEVER Looked SO Good

My adorable, little mama is 70 years old today, and I cannot wrap my head around that fact. She acts much younger than what you would think of someone her age. And talk about cute! Ladies everywhere are going to want to know her secret, because 70 NEVER looked SO good.

Seriously! There is NO way she looks her age. 
(Forgive the unclear photo, it was a rush job as I dragged her to the sidewalk as we were getting ready to go out this afternoon.)

This is the birthday apple pie she made herself! I was going to bake something for her, but she was SO excited to combine her recipe with one from her Mitford cookbook. It was a MONSTER of a pie! That is a deep, 11.5" skillet.


Jennifer said... the picture! Your mama is just precious and I cannot BELIEVE that she is 70. Happy Birthday to her again! >3

Angie said...

Your Mom is so cute! Is that an apple pie baked in a skillet? We did that at Christmas and it was SO good.

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