Friday, January 13, 2012

Wise Words From a Young Heart

 What is this feeling, this pain I hold inside?

 Is it fear? Is it something I once held dear?

 Talking to the man from Galilee.

 Let Him decide whats best for me.

 Let all my sorrow, all my pain, never run again in my veins.

 Make the sting of anger leave my thought,

 Before any fights can be fought.

 Let the peace of life grace my heart,

 Before it gets torn apart.

That was beautifully written by my nephew Matthew who is a college freshman. I won't share the turbulence behind his words, for it is his own. What I will reveal is how his thoughts touched me.

The words seem beyond the years that formed them. Probably because they are. I'm sure they were whispered by the Holy Spirit to ease a troubled heart. They whispered to me too.

Let all my sorrow, all my pain, never run again in my veins. Why do I look back so often? My past failures do not define me. And WHY do I periodically allow jealousy to race perversely through me? I have not been handed opportunities as I have seen many 20-somethings given that will forever enhance their lives. The opportunities are usually undeserved, and they would have been with me as well had I been the young recipient. Jealousy is a brewing sewer. I am determined to get over it and move on when it demands an audience.

Let the peace of life grace my heart, before it gets torn apart. LORD, touch my heart so that I allow Your peace to fill my heart at all times. 

I am not writhing in sorrow and regret, but they do rear their ugly heads on occasion. My prayer is that I won't allow any footholds. 

Thank you Matthew for your wonderful words. Keep talking to the Man from Galilee. 


Jennifer said...

Beautiful and wise. I hope he keeps writing. Praying for Matt...and for you. <3

mary b said...

Wow..Such thought provoking words... and from such a new christian. It takes the young to lead the old sometimes. I don't know what the meaning was for behind this either but it touches me deeply. I really needed to hear those words right now. I will have to ask him if I can reprint that and keep it hanging around where I can look at it and be reminded of such things daily. I love Matt and only pray that he continues with his writing because he has a gift from God. I also pray that he continuously seeks God daily so that he can continue to grow into the Godly young man that I am so proud that he is becoming.

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