Tuesday, January 10, 2012

focused on Glory (through beauty)

I am such a girl. 

I love roses.

And not just the traditional looking roses. Although I must admit that my favorite is one of the "rosy" looking ones. It's an English rose, and I'm over the moon for it. It whispers its beauty in fat, heaping bundles. They make me think of charming, little cottages with decades of ivy on the exterior, and massive rose bushes engulfing the corners and windows.

God must have been smiling when He made roses for us. And I bet there weren't any thorns before we messed with His perfection in the original garden. I wonder if the addition of thorns made His heart ache. You know He had to DESPISE creating thorns... for so many reasons.

But we still got to keep the roses! What a precious God we have. Oh how He loves us. (That song is playing right now... such timing!)

Last week my mom had her 70th birthday, and Daddy gave her a bouquet of pink roses. They were glorious indeed. I know God smiles when we do, and I smiled at the beauty He had created.

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Jennifer said...

Love that photo...and love roses, too. For years after we moved here, we still had antique roses that Granny Marks had planted many, many years before. It killed me when they finally died. Bayley loves roses, too...I was just telling her the other day about how I used to wear out the rose catalogs we used to get when I was a little girl. I need to see if those are still around...I think she would enjoy them. :) Roses are a special touch of Glory...<3

Kecia said...

Beautiful! I can almost smell them. Isn't God good to us?

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