Tuesday, January 24, 2012

focused on Glory (relationships)

Caitie and I had plans to go out last Saturday to capture this week’s foG images. As we drove, we brainstormed ideas for the theme. We even pulled over and parked to discuss a few of the ideas. (Caitie came up with an extraordinary idea that I will be revisiting later in this project.)

Even though I wasn’t sure about what I was looking for, nothing we came up with made my eyes widen with excitement. We both had cameras, so we decided to walk around and take a few pictures of different things and locations until we hit the sweet spot. I knew that if I opened myself up to God He would release my eyes to see what He was seeing.

The sun was finishing up for the day, and the wind had decided to flex its muscles, and it got COLD. I looked at Caitie and realized that she was done. Her sweet face was so pink from the wind, but she was hanging in there for me. I told her it was time to pack up and go home. She didn’t tarry. She was belted in, had the car started, and the heater cranked up before I closed the trunk.

As I drove home I wondered when I would have another chance to go out to get shots for this week’s post. Then I heard the sweetest voice tell me that I already had the shots. I looked at my Caitie Bug, smiled, and sighed.

Thank you Lord. I knew You would show me Your glory.

Until now, Caitie thought the post was going to be about one of the other ideas we’d considered. It’s funny how we can miss something SO obvious. God's glory surely shines in this child. She is growing into a phenomenal woman of faith, and I'm beyond proud of her.

love this shot of Caitie. This is her personality in a nutshell. Smiling is her favorite, and she makes others smile too!

This place creeped Caitie out a little, but she did what I asked. I have to say that my kids are the BEST! No matter where I ask them to lean, sit, or stand they do it for me. (And yes, you WILL be seeing more of my niece and nephews in future foG posts.)

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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Awww...those are perfect! Bayley is sitting beside me and she said, "Caitie is SO pretty." <3 Yes, she is. Love this!

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