Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eggselent Cooking Tip

Breakfast was a little late for me today, so I skipped lunch and ended up ravenous by 3:00. At the time, I was searching for something on Pinterest and I saw this picture.

This picture quality is so much better than mine. Ugh!

My first thought was, "Ah, that's cute," followed by, "Dang! I'm hungry." I went to the kitchen to find something small to hold me over until dinner time. An egg sandwich sounded delicious- I wonder why?

As I got the eggs out of Matilda Maytag (yes, I named the fridge), I decided that I only wanted one egg, but one egg wasn't enough for two slices of bread. The easy solution would be to cut one piece of bread in half, but what's the fun in that? I wanted a small, cute sandwich, but I didn't have one of those fancy egg shaper thingies. No problem. I'd improvise. 

The solution? A jar ring. 

In order for this to work you must coat it with a non-stick spray. Then place it on the skillet and let it warm up as the 
skillet warms. The hot jar ring 
will help cook the sides of the egg.

The bottom of the skillet looks so greasy because it's cast iron, and I had to use a lot of non-stick spray. Don't forget to add your salt and pepper as it's cooking. I completely forgot that step. (Between the funky stove 
lighting and my P&S the ring looks gold.)

I'm not a fan of extra bread hang-over, so I cut the bread to the size of my egg. I used the same ring and cut around the sides then gave the bread a light toasting. You could use the ring to cut through the bread, but then you would have pinched edges.  (I just adore this cute, vintage plate. I thought it deserved more of a staring role in this post, 
but don't worry, I didn't cut the bread on it.)

A fried egg sandwich and a jar of sweet tea. 
It was a perfect snack. 

Sometimes I dress up an egg sandwich with a little lettuce and a thin slice of tomato. Today it was plain but still delicious. How do you like your egg sandwich?

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Anonymous said...

Yum! Egg sandwich! I like to add shredded cheddar cheese to mine. I've always wondered, but I have yet to try, is what some fresh, thin-sliced cucumbers taste like. One thing I do know is what I am having for breakfast tomorrow!


Jason said...

Mayo....and a tomato.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try a fried egg sandwich. You have inspired me.

Jennifer said...

No egg sandwiches here. Ick! :) I'm not a fan of fried eggs. Your sandwich is really cute, though. :)

mary b said...

Nothing in my eyes beats a jimmy dean sausage patty with low fat cheese and egg white substitute. Can you guess we are on a diet,i mean life style change. Don't forget to put all that on a whole wheat english muffin lightly sprayed with a 0 trans fat 0 salt butter flavored substitute... but since we have cut out sausage and bacon then forget it all...daaaang it :-(

Unknown said...

I have been hungry for this ever since I saw this wonderful picture of your egg sandwich and sweet tea! I can't wait to make it!!!!

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