Monday, July 9, 2012

focused on Glory (through the rain)

focused on Glory is a weekly (or almost weekly) post on creative confetti 
and Ponderings of an Elect Exile
Each post features a photo from that week 
that reminds us of God's glory.

After weeks of drought, it finally rained. It was little more than a long sprinkle, and all it did was wash the dust off the landscape, but I'll take it. Thank you Lord. Please send more.

Rain drops in the old birdbath. 

I will try to post another foG post later in the week to catch up. In the meantime, check out Jennifer's BLOG. She always has something interesting, touching, inspiring, or funny to pass on, and don't miss her past foG posts either.


Jennifer said...

Well, apparently you, Jodie, and Kathy got rain...the church got a little rain...but still not a drop at our house. Trying not to covet! :) Love the picture!

t marie said...

Seriously, it only last 20 minutes and was so light that the sidewalk was dry 15 minutes later.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I don't think anyone around here got anything more than that...and maybe not that much...but I was craving even a drop or two! :) 50% chance today...and supposed to be a bit cooler, which I'll definitely take, too!

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