Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stuck in the Backseat

I’m short.

I’m short, and I don’t get carsick. So guess who always sits in the backseat when there are more than two people in a car. 

I’m pretty used to it, and I don’t mind too much. It’s better than someone getting sick behind me because they can’t see through the front window. And I can’t bring myself to make an un-nauseated, tall person fold their legs up to their nose so I can ride shotgun.

None of this matters if I’m driving, but my car isn’t large, so I’m usually not the pilot. I’m a single gal and haven’t ever up-sized my vehicle. Being single also reserves other special seating. My “sit-at-the-kid’s-table” and “ride-in-the-backseat” identity is par for the course, but it’s not all bad. Let’s face it, we ALL want to sit at the kid’s table if we’re honest, but sometimes I’d like to ride in the front seat.

It would be nice to stretch out my non-long legs too. Sure I’m more comfortable in the back than a tall person, or anyone of average height, but I’d like to unbend too. And don’t get me started on conversations. Even though it’s never intentional, persons in the front seat seem to magically forget there is someone behind them. Maybe it’s because I’m not tall enough to be seen in the rear view mirror. (Just kidding, I hope.) Conversations start off as an ABC round-about, but they eventually turn to AB with C nodding to the music coming from the back speakers.

And let’s discuss the music. Most people I know use the fade control to move the weight of the sound to the backseat. I do it too, but what does that mean to the hobbit riding in the back? It means the driver’s gesture of “turning down the music so everyone can hear” only works for Driver A and Passenger B. Hobbit C can still hear the music but not the people speaking in the front seats.

Once three of my friends and I decided to take a trip from Nashville to Gatlinburg. It’s a beautiful drive, and there would be many laughs along the way. With less than an hour to leave another friend decided to join us. She is a great gal, and we were happy to have her on our adventure, but where did that put me? I was already in the backseat, and there was no hope for promotion.

As it were, the co-pilot was demoted due to the aforementioned car-sickness alibi of passenger number five. My DNA determined my newest seat assignment. I would ride in the middle. Unfortunately for me, the backseat wasn't a flat bench. The middle section was narrow and slightly elevated.

For once I was the one with my knees bent up to my chest for almost four hours. I tried stretching my legs out onto the armrest in front of me, but that got in the way of the only two comfortable passengers. It took half a day for the feeling in my bum to return, but I’d do it again. Never have I laughed so much on a trip. We found that there are song lyrics for every occasion and every conversation. The conversation maintained a nice flow and the music was accompanied by five enthusiastic voices. We perfected the art of speaking in song titles and lyrics. Whose Line is it Anyway had nothing on us.

We still laugh about that trip. Maybe someday I’ll find myself on another road trip with a group of friends, and maybe I’ll finally own a grown-up sized car, so I can drive- in the front seat

(teeheehee... And don't you LOVE the silly photo of the cow in the car. You can find anything online!)

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