Thursday, August 2, 2012

focused on Glory (in need)

This one is a little tough. I am making a choice to focus on God. I will see His Glory if I look.

As you can see, I shattered the glass on my phone. This is the latest straw on my haystack, and I'm praying it's the last for a while. I'm not able to get everything repaired that has broken lately.

Now let me point out that I am well aware that a smart phone is a luxury rather than a need. It simply represents that things seem to be falling apart at an alarming rate, and I can't keep up. There are six pricey issues that have popped up with my car in the last several weeks. The car is 10 ½ years old, but replacing it isn't an option at this time.

There are other major issues that also require the almighty dollar, but I don't want to get into that. You'll just have to trust me that I have a death grip on Philippians 4:19, and I can't wait to see how it shows off God's Glory.

And if any of you know of a job lead, feel free to inbox me. 


Kecia said...

I hear you.
I hear you, I hear you, I hear you. Toilet, water heater, pipes under the kitchen sink.
I'm thankful I live in a place with modern plumbing and clean water...

Jennifer said...

Love you, praying for you, and watching expectantly to see what God is going to do!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you, sister. --Marty

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