Monday, August 13, 2012

Light Bulbs & Leotards

This post comes as the result of a challenge. My friend Erica threw out a suggestion for this post that was quickly seconded by CBell. 

It began last night as we watched the Olympics closing ceremony. We watched together from our separate homes in four different towns in two different states. We came together on facebook as commentators presiding over the night's festivities. This is a common occurrence  much to the delight, or chagrin, of our fellow facebook friends who may or may not be watching the same live program. (I had another friend from a third state log on to tell me that she was on facebook for the sole purpose of seeing what I might say about the closing ceremony. My oh my, that's funny!)

As it were, I had decided to forgo the world-wide television extravaganza and had told CBell that they would have to fly without me. So I missed the first few acts by the time I caved in. 

The closing ceremony was every bit as odd as the opening ceremony, in which we had entirely too much fun critiquing the chosen fashions of each country. Remember England's gold lame armpits?

And Spain's McUniforms?

(We feel your pain Buddy.)

Last night's fashions did not disappoint either. We had a royal plethora of unique clothing options begging for analysis. (How did you like that bit of fancy writing. I managed an homage to English government as well as avoiding one of the "dead" words (i.e. lot, bunch).)

The theme for the evening seemed to be light bulbs. The crowd control volunteers had lighted bulbs atop bowler hats.

The Brazilian contingency had equally bizarre lighted head dressing.

And my favorite- Oompa Loompa Elvis in light bulbs. (I promise he looked 4'9" on TV.)
I searched for dozens of seconds looking for a picture of OLE. I finally settled for a screen grab of a video. It doesn't do justice to his lighted cape, mutton chops, and 70's shades.

And my true favorite- the Spice Girls cars! I'll tell you that I want, that I really, really want one. (Sorry! I couldn't help it!)

There were other, non-illuminated, questionable style statements as well. There were many forms of leotards and lingerie even, but don't look for those pictures here.

I'm just not sure that a fashion show cat-walk embodies the Olympic spirit. And I may or may not have secretly wished for a wipe out. 

Then there was this debatable decision.  Should he have gone with those pants? That belt buckle? The 70's biker 'stache? The decision to dance? 
(My apologies for leaving you with this image.)

The music portion was quite eclectic, and fun overall. I'm still scratching my head over a few acts, but I'm chalking that up to the cultural differences.

English style typically leaves me with raised eyebrows. After watching many interior design programs on BBCA, I just don't understand their fascination with 80's style. Not that I have anything against the English. They have a beautiful country. I just want to help them decorate it.

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