Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tisket Tasket- I Need More Baskets

I’m really good at organizing. The trouble is that I don’t always do it. It must be my right brain being a bully and taking over. I love my right brain, but this is what happens if she is let out of the barn for too long.

messy shelf #1

messy shelf #2

I've purposefully not shown you the bottom of either shelf. One of them is blockaded by canvases and other projects in process. There was no need to be that transparent.

Unfortunately my right brain needs to live in harmony with my left brain. LeftBrain wants to come out and play too.

I’m pleased that God chose to put creative thoughts in my head. I’m equally pleased that He blessed me with the ability to tap into the “dark side” that is usually reserved for accountants, engineers, and pilots. Not that I’m claiming to be that smart. (But secretly I am claiming that!)

I can be precise and meticulous when needed. And I can be organized! I actually like being organized. I’m not the typical creative, scrambled, tangled mess- unless you’re talking about the pictures above. Being organized gives me the most freedom to be creative.

So don’t try to put me in a box. (I’d just freak out and ruin your box.)

My problem is that the motivation to organize is usually thwarted by the manipulative right brain. Thankfully this only happens in my private life. Little Miss Creative Thinker is kept on a leash for work purposes.

I will begin to arrange and classify items, but I inevitably run across something that inspires me. And since inspiration is shy, you must act on it (or record it) immediately. Unfortunately inspiration #1 leads to inspiration #17 and so on.

You get the picture. I mean literally. Go look at the pictures above.

This needs to be fixed. Soon. Now to find some umption for my gumption to get started. 

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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

So funny how we are so different in some ways, and yet so similar in others! This is me to a "T". :)

I LOVE your new header!!!!! So cute!!!

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