Monday, March 31, 2008

A Beautiful Rainy Weekend

I do not claim to be a photographer but I do like to take pictures. One day I would love to play around in Photoshop but until then here are a few, untouched, snaps of my weekend. (Please forgive the spacing. Blogger is driving me crazy. The captions are below each picture.)

My friend Tammy and I went for a walk on a country
road in the Columbia, TN area.
A driveway on Hwy 431 in Maury county.
Another shot from our walk.

I love this sky.

I think trees are so beautiful and interesting.
This is on McGavock Pike in Nashville.

I like how the flash looks against the trunk.

A great barn on Hwy 431.

Another barn on Hwy 431.

A boarded up house on Pennington Bend Road in Nashville.

A street light at the Hermitage Train Station.

Dodson Chapel in Hermitage.


Dee said...

I know that tree on McGavock Pike and LOVE it!

Also love the shots from your walk in Columbia. You're doing great.


Jennifer said...

The photos are gorgeous! I love getting to see some bits and pieces of your world. :)

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