Monday, March 10, 2008

A little taste of Haiti

Here is a snippet from my trip. I will share more later this week. Thank you for all the prayers. We could feel the prayer blanket covering us.

We saw this precious little girl as we did door to door evangelism in Tibukon. She was full of smiles until we started to leave. As my group began to walk past her I bent down in front of her and blew a kiss. She began to cry, and I felt bad. Later I was told that in all likelihood she had never seen a blan (white person) and now she was surrounded by seven of us walking past as she sat in her tiny chair.

Everywhere we went we were greeted with smiles. It was amazing to see people that had nothing were able to find joy and smile. For the most part, villagers were happy to see us because they knew we were there to provide help in the form of supplies, food, and medicine. However, the most important help we offered was God's word and the story of Jezi.

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Dee said...

I'm waiting to here more details--I've heard that it was an amazing trip.


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