Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Missions - Haiti

Here is the second installment of Haiti photos and captions. The shots today are of the New Mission campus and surrounding sights.

The last standing plantation in Haiti. As our group was leaving I ran back to snap one last photo. This view is through one of the front doors up to a second floor doorway. I was intrigued by the still-intact banister.

Haitian plantations were destroyed during the 1871 slave revolt. The slaves turned on their white (French) masters and burned the plantations. No one is sure why this structure was spared. This house is a 5 minute bus ride from the mission.

Brent walked the grounds and showed us the entry to the wine cellar, the courtyard boundaries, and the limestone steps that led to the house. Limestone isn't found in Haiti. The steps were made from the ballast stones from the slave ships.

This is the morning view from the mission pavilion. Such serenity. It was also common to see cows walking down the beach, with and without a human. Unfortunately the beach is quite polluted and not suitable for swimming. That fact doesn't diminish the beauty of this view.

My attempt at diagramming the mission campus. Our buses entered from the bottom left corner and parked next to the screened-in dining hall.

Cara Bergthold took this picture of the campus. She is standing with the pavilion and ocean to her back.

There isn't any hot water in the cabins but I was so hot most of the time I didn't mind. I took a minimum of 2 showers a day - lunchtime and dinnertime. However, no one in my cabin took a shower in the morning when the temperatures were in the low 70s, brrr.

Sunset at the mission, facing west from the pavilion. The beauty of God is everywhere, even a 5th world country... especially a 5th world country because there isn't as much chaos to pollute our vision of him.

Life is simple in Haiti. Love is simple in Haiti. The Haitian Christians love Jezi with unashamed abandon. I pray I learned well from their beautiful example.

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Dee said...

Love the last shot, T! Beautiful!


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