Friday, March 28, 2008

Pondering Priority

"Don't make someone a priority if they only make you an option."

I ran across this quote while online and it stopped me in my tracks. Instantly I was torn between identifying with the emotion behind such a statement and my obligation as a Christ follower.

I'm sure you can relate. We all have people in our lives that are cordial in social gatherings but aren't interested in getting to know you beyond initial pleasantries. You know the ones, folks who are happy to receive an invitation from you, but you never seem to make their guest list.

This is where emotion comes in to play. I have learned to put some distance between myself and those appearing to post a sign saying, "acquaintance only.” And while I can usually spot the clues quickly, on occasion I can be a bit obtuse. This isn't to say I have drones of people in my life holding me at arm's length. This is an observation from several years. And if I'm being honest I have to admit there have been people from which I have distanced myself out of sheer annoyance or necessity.

While we all want to be liked it is impossible for everyone we encounter to recognize our value. For the most part I don't have an issue with the fact that not everyone will like me. Nonetheless sometimes it stings when we are faced with the reality we are not accepted. An emotional response like the quote above is natural.

So where does Christ fit into this scenario? Or should I ask where we allow Christ to fit into this scenario? And yes, I pose this query more to myself than to any other.

I was recently presented with a situation in which an acquaintance all but begged to become part of my circle. Now this person and I have precious little in common. For one thing I am more than a decade older - not that age matters much (see previous post) - but we are in totally different life stages. And our interests are vastly different from one another. When I am around this person it zaps my mental and emotional energy. All that is to say that I'm not quite sure why this individual has reached out to me, and more than once I might add.

Or am I? This young person doesn't know Jesus. Could it be they see something in my life that is obviously not of me? I can only hope. This "friend" shows NO interest in accepting the truth and there are other factors that make communication difficult but does that lessen my responsibility?
Honestly, I'm not sure just what my role is in that particular life. I pray for wisdom to know how to handle such encounters.

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Dee said...

Profound, T. Right now I'm reading Andrew Murray's Humility and your post made me think of a lot of what he's teaching.


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