Friday, March 21, 2008

Tea Party Anyone?

So I have this craving. It isn't for a particular food but rather for an experience. It has been ages since I've been to a tea party. I'm actually aching for this little feminine fest.

Most likely I won't be attending a tea party until I go home to see my family. You see, the ladies in my family like tea parties. We don't always dress up. In fact we rarely don hats, gloves, and boas but we aren't opposed to adding this delightful touch to our affairs. We do like to gather in the kitchen preparing treats, picking out linens, and choosing service pieces.

One of my favorite gatherings was a few years ago at Mom's. We decided on a change of venue from the kitchen to the living room. Mom has an oversized coffee table that was perfect for our spread. We covered the table with a beautiful quilt and topped it with doilies and plates of sweet breads, biscotti, and chocolate straws. Mismatched china cups were on order for the day to go with the patchwork quilt.

The guest list included the lovely hostesses (Mama and me), my beautiful sister Mary, my charming niece Caitie, and my best college friend Kristi. Kristi made the 2 hour trip to spend the night with me at Mom & Dad's. We met at Ouachita and formed an instant friendship. She is still at OBU working as a librarian. Kristi was delighted to receive an invitation to our soiree. And my, oh my, did we have fun that afternoon.

Fellowship with those I love is important to me. What sweet encouragement we glean from one another. I am a firm believer in the power of laughter. Our laughs, giggles, and snorkels must delight God. Have you ever wondered where He got the idea for laughter?

Living in Nashville the last few years has posed a predicament for me. You see, I desperately want to throw a good, old fashioned tea party for my friends but I don't have a location in which to use. I don't have the space or privacy to host a party of any sort in my present situation. However, I'm sure I could come up with something. I may just have to engage my creativity. Surely God didn't give me this fun gift for naught.

Stay tuned ladies. You may yet receive an invitation this Spring.


Jennifer said... I wish you were here to have a tea party with my bunch! Or even better, that we were all at your mama's. Wouldn't that be wonderful?? *sigh* Maybe someday. But you have reminded me that I need to stop and have a tea party with my girly girls this week. Watch for pictures!

Tina said...

I know a certain little 4 year old girl who would love to share a tea party with you. She loves you bunches and misses seeing you all the time. You just let her know when you can come for the party - she will set the table for you. You know her mother cannot be that creative. She must take after you in that area.

We love you
Tina and Berkley

Peggy O'Connell said...

OK We can plan a tea party! How 'bout a Fall Tea Party? I'll gladly host it! We'll have so much fun!

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